For starters, I didn’t quit my job to travel the world forever, and that’s not really what this blog is about. If that’s what you’re here for, sorry (but, also, stick around, I think you’ll like what you find.)

Photo by Richy Ainsworth.

Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m from a town on the coast of New Jersey in the USA, and I HAVE been living, working, and traveling abroad for the last four years.

Back in January, 2012, I packed for what was to be a year working holiday in New Zealand. I’d had an itch to live abroad ever since I finished my journalism degree in 2010, and my gut was telling me it was time to get going. The rough plan was to put ‘real life’ on hold for one year. But plans, of course, are meant for changing. You meet people while you’re out who take you in new directions, you challenge yourself, your perspective evolves, and then BAM, you realize that ‘real life’ is what you’re already doing.

THAT’S what this blog is about.


In the last four years, I’ve worked and traveled through New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and Scotland—most of which has been with my partner in adventuring, Richy, whose path I crossed halfway through that first trip out (you’ll find his brilliant photos side-by-side with most of my stories.) What I’ve discovered along the way—through the many odd jobs, interesting people, new hometowns, active pursuits, and tough challenges —is a new, simpler philosophy on the way life can be lived and enjoyed.


Photo by Richy Ainsworth.

Travel is the catalyst that got me pursuing the existence I didn’t have the nerve or know-how to before I left home. It’s taken me out of my comfort zone, made me ACT on doing what I want rather than just thinking about it. I’ve been more daring in the jobs I’ve taken (ehem…fish monger, tomato picker), because I knew they wouldn’t last forever. I’ve tried more physical activities and not cared what people would think if I wasn’t any good, because these weren’t people I’d known my whole life. I’ve explored further and gotten more uncomfortable—staying with a host family on the backwaters of the Mekong Delta or living for a month in a tent in a rainforest hostel (the tent had electricity.)

Thank you to the 24-year-old me who somehow had enough foresight to fly to New Zealand with no job and no solid plan. Because of that, I’ve been stretched and molded into somebody different—and a little braver—along the way.



It’s not about travel, though. It’s a mentality.

Many people have gained the perspective I had to hunt down without ever leaving their home.

Push your boundaries. Think outside the box. Live a little wilder. Be an amateur, but dive in anyway.

This blog highlights places I’ve been, lessons I’ve learned on the road and practical advice for fellow movers, but more than that, it’s stories and ideas about stepping beyond the routine, getting out and active in our big, bad, beautiful world, challenging your ideals, getting your hands dirty, and seeing your own life uniquely.

So, please, stick around a while. I look forward to meeting you on THE OUT ROADS.                                                                                                                           Photo by Joshua Priestley.